• vol.3 You can enjoy with the kids! SHONAN activities


This time, we’ve gathered together a list of the best spots to enjoy summer with the kids! There’s plenty of places by the sea in Kanagawa that will excite their inner adventurer - ranging from visiting the beach and having a camp or BBQ, to experiencing stand up paddle boarding, visiting the aquarium or playing with animals! Search by area with the map.



Miura-Misaki Umi No Eki

The Miura / Misaki Omi station has reached the 12th year of sea station certification as a sea station attached to Misaki Fisherina · Whof ...more read

MIURA Miura-Misaki Umi No Eki
Tokyu Aburaztsubo Marine Park

The Keikyu Oil Bottom Marine Park is an aquarium that opened in 1968. Sagami Bay spreads to the west, and where you can have a good view of...more read

MIURA Tokyu Aburaztsubo Marine Park


Soleil Nooka Park

On the Miura Peninsula’s lies the municipal park “Nagai Seaside Park Soleil Nooka”, containing a playground, you can enjoy playing with animals...more read

YOKOSUKA Soleil Nooka Park
Tokyo Bay's Only Natural Island, Sarushima

Sarushima is the only uninhabited island in the Tokyo Bay, also it is the largest natural island in the bay. On the island you can enjoy barbecues...more read

Tokyo Bay's Only Natural Island, Sarushima
Natural Island Sarushima



While being in the place where the beauties the Zushi coast washes away right front of you, the convenience of being a 10 min from the Zushi station...more read

Zushi SPLASH Waterpark

Zushi splash water park gives a sense of presence to the sea on the Zushi coast. An athletic like a rubber boat is yellow and green, and it has...more read



Zaimokuza Beach Swimming Area

The Zaimokuza Beach is a sandy beach with a shallow calm waves. Among the three swimming beaches in Kamakura, this beach is the longest and the...more read

Zaimokuza Beach Swimming Area
Zaimokuza Beach
Glamping Beach

“Glamping” is where you can experience hand-crafted luxurious camps, introduced to the beach for the first time in Japan. After enjoying...more read

KAMAKURA Glamping Beach
Koshigoe Beach

Among all the seas in Kamakura, the waves are also calm and the less popular Hogetsu Beach is a great spot for families. In addition to the...more read

KAMAKURA Koshigoe Beach


Enoshima Aquarium

The Enoshima Aquarium that originally opened in 1954, re-opens with themes such as the ‘Sagami Bay and Pacific Ocean’ and ‘Creatures’ which...more read

FUJISAWA Enoshima Aquarium
Tsujido Seaside Park

At the Tsujido Seaside Park where everything is barrier-free compliant with the concept of “a park that everyone can enjoy” as a priority, we...more read

FUJISAWA Tsujido Seaside Park

The pleasure boat that connects “Chigafaguchi” and “Bentenbashi” at the western end of Enoshima is “Ben Ten Maru.” The boat trip...more read

FUJISAWA Benten-maru
Shonan Enoshima Beachhut SHIRASUNA2

This a sea house where there is a pony in the Katase Nishihama Beach (Kanuma Coast). From the terrace you can see the beautiful sunset and if...more read

Shonan Enoshima Beachhut SHIRASUNA2
Enoshima Beachhut SHIRASUNA2


Southern Beach Chigasaki

A historical sea-bathing place’s name was changed from Chigasaki Kaisui Yokujou to Southern Beach Chigasaki in 1999 because of a want...more read

CHIGASAKI Southern Beach Chigasaki
Chigasaki Yanagishima Camping Ground

The Yanagishima Campground is the only seaside campground in the Chigasaki area. Of course you can enjoy camping with indoor accommodations and...more read

Chigasaki Yanagishima Camping Ground
Yanagishima Camping Ground


Gorobikiami experience (Hiratsuka fishing port)

A netache net experience that is occasionally held at Hiratsuka fishing port. The netting net is a word unfamiliar, but it is a miniaturized ...more read

HIRATSUKA Gorobikiami experience (Hiratsuka fishing port)
Shonan Belle Mare Hiratsuka Beach Park

The Shonan Hiratsuka Beach Park was born as one of the futuristic kinds of beaches as a result of the Sagami Bay activation event Kanagawa...more read

Shonan Belle Mare Hiratsuka Beach Park
Hiratsuka Beach Park


Ōiso (sakasa no asaichi ) Oiso Fish Morning Market

A 15 minutes walk from the Oiso Station, lies Oiso port, which on the third Sunday of every month holds the events “Oisochi” and “Sakana no Asaichi”....more read

Ōiso (sakasa no asaichi ) Oiso Fish Morning Market
Oiso Fish Morning Market
Oiso Long Beach

Oiso Long Beach is a seaside resort pool overlooking the Sagami Bay, operated by Oiso Prince Hotels & Resorts. There are as many as 10 different...more read

Port House Terugasaki

The port house is an outdoor pool where you can feel the sea breeze, next to the Oiso and Terugasaki coast. The childrens pool and infants...more read

NINOMIYA・OISO Port House Terugasaki


Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum

A museum established inside the “Suzuhiro Kamaboko no Satou” facility. This musuem has a display that you can learn about the history of...more read

ODAWARA Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum


Manazuru Peninsula pleasure boat

Here you can experience enjoying the view of the Manazuru Peninsula, blessed with history and nature from the sea. Set sail from the Manazuru...more read

YUGAWARA・MANAZURU Manazuru Peninsula pleasure boat
Yugawara Seaside Park Pool

The Yugawara Seaside Park is a park with thirty black pines that mark the old coast where the Kuromatsu was beautifully grown. Located on the...more read

YUGAWARA・MANAZURU Yugawara Seaside Park Pool