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Enoshima Wonder Trip

Let's support the players by using TV broadcasting or online distribution to prevent COVID-19. more

Recommended Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Sailing will be at Enoshima!
~“Every 1st Sunday is Oiso BEACH CLEANING Day”~

Telework has become widespread, and workation has also become widespread as a new workstyle. This time, we would like to introduce workation and telework facilities in SHONAN. more

Recommended Workation & Telework in SHONAN
~“Every 1st Sunday is Oiso BEACH CLEANING Day”~

This time, we inquired, Mr. Yasuo Tahara, a professional SUP surfer who represents the Oiso Beach Cleaning Executive Committee, an organization that started “Oiso Beach Cleaning Day” to clean the Kitahama Shore every 1st Sunday. more

Recommended ~“Every 1st Sunday is Oiso BEACH CLEANING Day”~~“Every 1st Sunday is Oiso BEACH CLEANING Day”~
~Sending good vibes from SHONAN with some yoga!~

This time, we inquired Mr. Hirokazu Yuasa, the 9 th owner of “Kinokuniya Headquarters” established in the first year of Kansei, president of Enoshima Liaison Council for Promotion for 8 years, and president of Fujisawa City Tourism Association, making him a prominent figure of SHONAN. more

Recommended ~“Omotenashi” at the “Tokyo 2020 Sailing Competition” in Enoshima~~“Omotenashi” at the “Tokyo 2020 Sailing Competition” in Enoshima~
Sightseeing & area information

Sightseeing & area information

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Sightseeing & area information
Marine leisure

Marine leisure

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Marine leisure


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vo.41 SYOKU-YABO Plantation


SYOKU-YABO Plantation

Surrounded by art in nature,
Time to relax