vol.2 Canoe

Just like an attraction on the sea!

vol.2 Canoe

What is outrigger canoe?

Hello, this is Remi Odawara. I experienced the outrigger canoe at Morito coast in Hayama lately. Do you know outrigger canoe? It was the first time when I heard about it, that outrigger canoe is a kind of canoe as its name suggests. In order to increase the stability, I was told that a kind of float called outrigger was added to the single side or both sides of the canoe. The sense of stability is excellent because of this float is attached. So it was exciting fun even for a beginner like me! I challenged the 3-seater outrigger canoe this time!

Rowing in total synchronization with “do re mi”!

This time, I was under the guidance of instructor Umezawa from STONES located in Morito coast of Hayama. First, I checked the movements of paddling on the beach. The movement was simple, but it was hard to synchronize for the 3 of us! The shout of “1, 2, 3” was changed to “do, re, mi” upon my name this time! Details like this are important for increasing the sense of being a team and help the enthusiasm run high! After determining the shout, we immediately departed for the sea with me taking the lead!


Breezing like the attraction!

When the 3 of us paddled with synchronization on the sea, the speed gathered and the breeze blew and it was so refreshing and comfortable as if we were riding an attraction. It was so much fun that my tiredness was also dispersed! Since it was a blessed day for outrigger canoe without any waves, a beginner like me can also change directions freely. Of course the instructor Umezawa helped to make it happen, but I had seen myself as the captain since I was leading. I would like to go further the next time!

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