• vol.49 LOVE OCEAN ~ Would you like to protect the richness of SHONAN's sea together? ~

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The beautiful scenery of the sea, where abundant creatures inhabit.
Many people are probably aware that there is something that they can do about various environmental problems, including the problem of climate change in recent years.

This time, we would like to introduce the efforts of an organization that is building a local network through beach cleaning activities and symposiums at the sea of SHONAN. In this initiative, people who share the same love for the sea are focusing on the sea and starting activities that will be a step towards the future from the perspectives of environmental conservation, tourism/leisure, education, disaster prevention, fisheries, culture, etc. To protect the abundance of SHONAN's sea, would you like to start working together?


"LOVE OCEAN" which we introduced this time, is a part of “Riviera Future Creation Project” launched in 2006 by the RIVIERA Group, which operates Riviera Zushi Marina (Zushi City) and Riviera Seabornia Marina (Miura City). Since 2021, RIVIERA has been working with various groups of people such as local governments, local people, organizations, companies, etc. to protect the beauty and richness of SHONAN's sea, and spread the future of the sea. With the slogan "People gather in the beautiful sea," and the aim of "regional development thinking from the sea" centering on "Environment x Tourism", in this "LOVE OCEAN", they are connecting people to people, the sea and the city, and conducting sustainable activities in a wide area.
bk02 When you look from the sea, it is a single landscape with no boundaries between cities and towns on land. In Riviera, the area of 13 municipalities surrounding Sagami Bay is called "SHONAN coast", and "LOVE OCEAN" is currently being promoted in collaboration with 13 coastal municipalities from Miura to Yugawara. We are expecting that by taking a wide area, we will be able to solve various problems.

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As an activity to protect nature and preserve the beautiful sea for the future, RIVIERA employee volunteers have been carrying out a monthly "Riviera Beach Clean" for many years on the nearby coast, and have also worked with local people as an irregular event.

“LOVE OCEAN”, which started in 2021 as a special edition of this “Riviera Beach Clean,” started from 3 cities with the aim of “spreading Shonan with high environmental awareness.” The activity began to spread to the surrounding cities and towns.

In the 2th round, expand to 6 cities and the number of municipalities and local residents who have the desire to "disseminate the beautiful and rich sea of Shonan" by working together continues to increase. And in the 3rd round in November 2022, It has spread to 13 cities and throughout the SHONAN area.

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In addition, at the "Sea Symposium", which is very popular every time, we will think about the sea and discuss everything related to it, from the issues surrounding the sea of SHONAN to the charm of the sea, at the civilian level. On December 10, 2022, the marine experts discussed under the theme of "thinking about the future from the sea.”
bk02 At the sea of SHONAN, in addition to beach cleanup activities, considering the importance of disaster prevention (environment x disaster prevention) to protect ourselves from disasters, we use sea routes from beach to beach when land routes are cut off due to disasters and carry out a large-scale disaster prevention practice. The general public who participated in the beach clean also saw it up close.

We are also starting new initiatives for the future such as a test research to restore seaweed beds as a countermeasure against seaweed erosion, which is causing a significant decrease in seaweed, and also connect it to measures to absorb CO2 (blue carbon). Japan, where we live, is surrounded by the sea. If this kind of initiative spreads throughout Japan and we can restore the sea to coexist with abundant living things, our future will change.

  • Experts talk
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Furthermore, the Riviera Zushi Marina became the first Asian marina to receive the international environmental certification "Blue Flag" in 2022. Marinas, which have stricter certification standards than beaches, have added six categories (1) water quality, 2) environmental education and information, 3) environmental management, 4) safety and services, 5) CSR (corporate social responsibility), and 6) participation in society and the community. ) and must meet 37 criteria. The standards for environmental pollution and environmental load reduction, which are not included in the beach standards, are covered and have been acquired. In Kanagawa Prefecture, Yuigahama Beach, Katase Nishihama/Kugenuma Beach, and Zushi Beach have acquired Blue Flag certification as beaches. The standards for environmental pollution and environmental load reduction, which are not included in the beach standards, are covered and have been acquired.

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"LOVE OCERAN" which people who love the sea and want to protect it gathering and working together, is expected to spread further in the future. Would you like to participate in these activities and create the future of the sea together?

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