A DAY TRIP to Sarushima - Depart from Yokosuka by a boat! Let’s explore uninhabited islands

We would like to introduce a one-day trip which you can enjoy nature with a convenient access from the city.
About 10 minutes by boat from Yokosuka's Mikasa Pier.
Surrounded by the sea, the uninhabited island "Sarushima", where nature and history remain, offers a variety of activities throughout the four seasons, such as walking, exploring history, fishing, and barbecuing.
It is also a recommended trip for those who like photography.

Boarding point for Sarushima
sea seen from a boat
Exterior of Mikasa Terminal
ship seen from up close

Take a boat to Sarushima!

About 15-minute walk from Yokosuka Chuo Station (Keikyu Line), buy a ticket at Mikasa Terminal (Sarushima Visitor Center) next to Mikasa Park, and take a boat to Sarushima Island. The ship departs every hour. Along with boarding tickets, you can also purchase expedition tour tickets at Mikasa Terminal.

The ship finally embarks on the ocean passing by the memorial ship Mikasa and the Yokosuka New Port Pier. You will feel refreshed when you are in the open ocean scenery and feel the sea breeze, which is a bit different from everyday life!

As you gaze at the scenery of tetrapods on the sea surface and ships floating in the distance, the ship will soon approach Sarushima Island.

sea illust
sea illust2
sarushima welcome
sarushima tourist center
guide tour

Learn the history of the island on the Sarushima Exploration Tour

When you arrive at Sarushima Pier, you can feel the big the Sarushima is. once you go through the pier, you will find the Sarushima Welcome Center. The Sarushima exploration tour will start after checking in here.

For those who want to know more about Sarushima, we recommend joining the Sarushima Exploration Tour. During the 30-minute guided tour, you can learn about the history of the brick structures remaining in various parts of Sarushima, the traces of gun batteries, and more through detailed explanations using earphone-type guides.

sky illust
sea illust3
inside photo

A photogenic island

Once you step into the nature of Sarushima, you can enjoy the scenery as if you were taking a walk. There are many spots that you will want to stop by to take pictures. Surrounded by beautiful nature, you can see scenery that you don't see in everyday life, such as the cutouts lined with old fortress facilities and brick tunnels.

The unique atmosphere of Sarushima Island has made it the setting for many movies and video productions. The view of the sea from the summit square is also spectacular. On sunny days, you can see Mt. Fuji.

palm illust
sea illust

Take a walk on an uninhabited island

After the exploration tour, feel free to walk around Sarushima. There are so many attractive spots on Sarushima that you can't explore them all on an expedition tour alone. With a map in hand, you can enjoy the feeling of hiking while visiting the remains of the gun battery, observatory, and plaza. There are ups and downs on the island, and you can go up and down the stairs, enjoy the scenery from the hill, go out to the beach and find fish on the rocks, relax on the sandy beach, etc. There are various ways for you to enjoy that suits your taste.

Also, the water quality around Sarushima is very clean, so you can enjoy fishing. It is known as a place where you can catch sea bass and black porgy throughout the year, and flatfish and scorpion fish in winter.

ocean kichen
curry set
board deck with parasol
sea view

Lunch time at Sarushima

For having lunch at Sarushima, you can enjoy an original menu using unique ingredients of Yokosuka at the only take-out restaurant named "Ocean's Kitchen". They have lots of things on the menus, not only Sashima Misaki Boiled whitebait and tuna pickled rice bowl, Yokosuka Navy curry, Kanagawa Megumi pork meat miso bowl, but also Sarushima pudding, shaved ice, drinks, etc.

A large boarded deck with umbrellas allows you to eat and rest while enjoying the sea views. You can also rent the necessary equipment from the Sarushima rental shop (reservation required) and enjoy a barbecue by the sea.

An illustration reminiscent of the sea
Sarushima with Please come again
The sea seen from the returning ship
Mikasa Terminal 1st floor souvenir corner
Exhibition on the 2nd floor of Mikasa Terminal

To Mikasa Terminal by boat

Going one round around Sarushima Island and after enjoying the walk and activities, it is now time to get on the boat again from Sarushima Pier and return to Mikasa Terminal. When the boat starts moving, you can see the scenery of the entire Sarushima Island in the distance. When you remember the nature you encountered on the island and the activities such as exploration tours, you can't help but want to come back again.

On the 1st floor of Mikasa Terminal, you can find various souvenirs such as local ingredients and sweets. Also, the Sarushima Visitor Center on the 2nd floor exhibits the long history of Sarushima and valuable historical sites, so please stop by after returning to Mikasa Pier.

While there might be a little chance to contact with nature in everyday life, Sarushima, an uninhabited island that is only 10 minutes by boat from Mikasa Pier, is a recommended spot where you can not only fully enjoy the great outdoors, but also get a glimpse of history. With good access from the city center, how about visiting the uninhabited island "Sarushima" with your family or friends?