• vol.41 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Sailing will be at Enoshima!


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Sailing will be at Enoshima!
Let's support the players by using TV broadcasting or online distribution to prevent COVID-19.
This time, we will introduce the highlights of the Sailing competition, competition rules, interviews with athletes, and more.


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Sailing will be at Enoshima!
Read up on everything you need to know to enjoy this sport.


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Sailing, check out the official site!
Learn the rules of Sailing through an easy-to-understand video.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Japanese athlete interviews

・Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Sailing - Sailing channel

・Kanagawa Prefecture Twitter Account - Kanagawa Tokyo 2020 Information (@kanagawasports)

・Kanagawa Prefecture & Fujisawa City Twitter Account - Kanagawa & Fujisawa Sailing 2020 Guide (@SailingGuide)

At Enoshima, you can both find stunning spots with great ocean views and gourmet displaying the blessing of the sea.
Make sure to visit Enoshima once the effects of COVID-19 have subsided.

Enoshima Recommended Tourism Spots

Enoshima Aquarium

The Enoshima Aquarium that originally opened in 1954, re-opens with themes such as the ‘Sagami Bay and Pacific Ocean’ and...more read

Fujisawa Enoshima Aquarium
Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden

You can see the jointly owned garden, Shimai yuko toshi garden, and our precious greenhouse made out of caulking. ...more read

Fujisawa Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden
Enoshima IWAYA

The Morito Shrine (MoritoOmijin) is worshed by Hojo Yoritomo, Miyoshi Ashikagi, as well as Hayama Masayuki,...more read

Fujisawa Enoshima IWAYA

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Enoshima Recommended Gourmet

Tobitcho Honten

We offer a refined cuisine on the Shonan Enoshima Island. The Shirasu fish are known as one of the easiest fish,...more read

Fujisawa Tobitcho Honten

Enoshima-tei, founded in 1909, boasts a long-established place and a spacious and open sensation restaurant....more read

Fujisawa Enoshima-tei
LONCAFE Shonan Enoshima Main Store

The Roncafe is located in the Samuel Cocking Garden at the top of the island where you can take a walk around Enoshima....more read

Fujisawa LONCAFE Shonan Enoshima Main Store

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Check online to find less crowded places with Enoshima's area map, ENOMAP!