• vol.11 Winter is the season! Enjoy strawberry picking and delicious sweets!


One of the most famous flavors of Winter in Japan is strawberries! Did you know that there are many strawberry fields in SHONAN? Why not enjoy the nature while tasting delicious fruit with your family and friends?
It’s good to go out in nature, and even better to eat! Everyone is happy when picking fruit and tasting delicious sweets!
Introducing recommended spots where you can enjoy picking strawberries and eating sweets from Winter to Spring.
・Spots where you can enjoy picking strawberries in SHONAN
・Spots where you can enjoy sweets in SHONAN

Enjoy strawberry picking in SHONAN


To pursue the taste of strawberries, Otake farm uses organic fertilizer at Miura. The day and night ‘s temperature difference is increased, and...more read

Kawana Farm

Strawberry picking plantation in the heart of Miura city. Miura is blessed with a mild climate, so that vegetables are grown throughout the...more read

MIURA Kawana Farm
Tsukuihama Tourist Farm

At the Tsukuihama Tourist Farm, located in a hilly area of the Miura Peninsula, you can enjoy strawberries in the spring, orchard hunting and...more read

YOKOSUKA Tsukuihama Tourist Farm
Nishiwaki Strawberry House

“kuchi hoppe” strawberry that has a nice balance between sweet and sour. “yotsuboshi” strawberries which has refreshing sweet taste and the “OiC berry”...more read

YOKOSUKA Nishiwaki Strawberry House
Kamakura Sightseeing Farm

A srawberry hunting spot in Kamakura that reservation is unnecessary, instead they serve customers in order of arrival. If the number of...more read

KAMAKURA Kamakura Sightseeing Farm
Shonan Strawberry Picking Farm

This is an all you can eat strawberry farm (30 minutes) and free condensed milk is available. Surrounding the farm there are prefectural flowers...more read

HIRATSUKA Shonan Strawberry Picking Farm
Takanashi Strawberry Farm

Here in Takanashi Strawberry Farm, you can enjoy sweet and big strawberries that grew up in the temperate climate of Shonan. Strawberry...more read

HIRATSUKA Takanashi Strawberry Farm

From January to May, you can enjoy strawberry picking and comparing taste of famous strawberries such as the well-known breeds “Benihoppe” and...more read

Hoyano Strawberry Farm

This is a farm with an all-weather type large house which you can enjoy strawberry picking from the beginning of January every year to the middle...more read

HIRATSUKA Hoyano Strawberry Farm
AGRI Agri Ways Farm

About 90 minutes drive from the city, you can enjoy strawberry picking in Odawara surrounded with nature. Strawberries can be easily reached...more read

HIRATSUKA Agri Ways Farm

Enjoy delicious sweets in SHONAN

Kawamoto Candy

Miura’s pastry is popular for its delicious Japanese bean paste. These carefully handmade Japanese sweets are made using...more read

MIURA Kawamoto Candy

We recommend you Rozembekka’s seasonal shortcake that is decorated with plenty of strawberries. You can enjoy the elegant taste...more read

YOKOSUKA Rozembekka
Café Chateraise

This is a cafeteria on a sightseeing ship “Gunkou Meguri” in the Yokosuka Shoppers Plaza. You can enjoy their varieties...more read

Café Chateraise 2nd floor Cafeteria
Café Chateraise

Aloha table on Enoshima · Shonan Road. A relaxing restaurant that resembles a tropical island resort. This is a family friendly restaurant,...more read

EGGS & THINGS Shonan Enoshima

Enjoy delicious and voluminous breakfast menu any time any day. In addition to the recommended strawberry waffle or crepe, you can...more read


You can taste sweets that are made with carefully selected ingredients in ANCEPS. Even if they only stock a few milk, eggs, or fruits inside...more read

Shonan Crepe

A famous crepe shop in Hiratsuka. Here, you can enjoy the taste of Shonan which are crepes topped with various seasonal fruits. You are guaranteed...more read

HIRATSUKA Shonan Crepe
Ashi (Hiratsuka Station)

Ashi is an authentic French confectionery shop in Hiratsuka. Here, you can taste sophisticated French sweets that are made by professional...more read

HIRATSUKA Ashi (Hiratsuka Station)