• vol.9 Hot food for Winter - Restaurants where you can enjoy seafood


Seafood is the most famous food of SHONAN! Winter is the perfect time to enjoy freshly caught seasonal seafood! We will introduce a number of restaurants offering seafood cuisine, such as the classic fishing port rice bowl, in addition to sophisticated Italian and French dishes. Enjoy fresh hot dishes this Winter.




Senmiraku is a tuna restaurant managed directly by a wholesaler located 2 minutes on foot from Misaki fishing port. Responding to customer’s...more read

MIURA Senmiraku
Maguro Shokudou Shichibe-emaru

This is “Maguro Shokudou Shichibe-emaru”, a restaurant managed directly by “Uo-oto”, a long-established fish shop which is locally famous...more read

MIURA Maguro Shokudou Shichibe-emaru

Misaki-Shokudo is located inside the Misaki port which is famous for its tuna. It is on the second floor of the market that sometimes is...more read

MIURA Misaki-Shokudo
Maruichi Restaurant

Maruichi restaurant is located in the alley just beside Misaki Harbor and is placing side by side with a fish store. You can pick a fish at...more read

MIURA Maruichi Restaurant

Kuroba-tei which is a famous restaurant in Misaki that people often lined up in front of it, is also a popular place within foreign tourists....more read

MIURA Kuroba-tei

Isaribitei, a restaurant within walking distance from Miura Kaigan station, is always crowded by local people and drivers, not only on weekends...more read

MIURA Isaribitei
Local Fish Cuisine Matsuwa

Matsuwa mackerel which is caught at the Matsuwa fishing port is a branded fish locally known as “golden mackerel” because of its golden...more read

MIURA Local Fish Cuisine Matsuwa
Delicious Local Fish Sankaiso

Here at “Sankaiso”, a restaurant located in in Jogashima of Miura Peninsula, you can eat delicious tuna at a reasonable price. You can also taste...more read

MIURA Delicious Local Fish Sankaiso
KANEDA Restaurant

Here at the KANEDA restaurant in the second floor of the Fisheries cooperative of the Kaneda fishing port in Miura Peninsula, you can eat the...more read


Shiokaze is a restaurant at Jougashima facing the sea with a great view of the ocean. In a fine weather holiday, many repeaters come to particularly...more read

MIURA Shiokaze


Uogashi Shokudou Hamakura

Here in Uogashi Shokudou Hamakura, a restaurant inside the Yokosuka fish market, not only life fishes caught in the morning of the day, but...more read

YOKOSUKA Uogashi Shokudou Hamakura
Sajima Kaneki

Speaking of Yokosuka’s Sajima fishing port, it is known as a famous place of octopus in the metropolitan area. Processed products are also famous...more read

YOKOSUKA Sajima Kaneki

It is an Italian restaurant located in Yokosuka-city, Sajima where customers are constantly come since the opening in year 2005. With the motto...more read


Here at “Umibe” restaurant, you can enjoy seafood caught at Sajima while sighting on Mount Fuji or Shonan sea at a clear day. During cold weather,...more read


Despite from its appearance from the outside which makes you think that this is an Italian or French restaurant, the inside is a place where...more read

YOKOSUKA Arasaki-tei

Nabura is a locally famous restaurant serving seafood delivered directly from fishermen, served as sashimi, on a boat-like plate, as boiled fish...more read


The “Yokosuka Aquamare”, where the chef serves Italian cuisine that opened along with the Yokosuka Museum of Art, with the “Ristorante Aquapazza”...more read



Japanese Food Uosaji

It is a set menu restaurant operated directly by a fish shop near the Kotsubo fishing port and loved by local people for quarter of a century....more read

ZUSHI・HAYAMA Japanese Food Uosaji
Restaurant La Mare de Chaya

Restaurant La Mare was built to float in the sea of ​​Hayama. We do not stick to traditional French, we have French-inspired creative seaside...more read

ZUSHI・HAYAMA Restaurant La Mare de Chaya


Local Fish Food Shirasuya

At this whitebait specialty restaurant directly operated by fishermen’s union “Kanhama Fishery” located in front of the Koshigoe fishing port...more read

KAMAKURA Local Fish Food Shirasuya
Restaurant & Stay Akitaya Rintei

At Rintei, a restaurant located on the first floor of Akitaya Hotel, 3-minutes walk from Koshigoe Station of Enoshima Electric Railway, you can...more read

KAMAKURA Restaurant & Stay Akitaya Rintei


Bistro la Chambre

It is a sticking attitude that imaged the countryside of southern France. Interior is also rural style interior decoration in southern France....more read

FUJISAWA Bistro la Chambre
Enoshima Koya

A restaurant serves fishermen’s style cuisine using fish and shellfish that just caught on that day. The restaurant opened in 2005 in a place...more read

FUJISAWA Enoshima Koya

Enoshima-tei, founded in 1909, boasts a long-established place and a spacious and open sensation restaurant. It is also one of the reasons that...more read

FUJISAWA Enoshima-tei
clarita da marittima

It is a restaurant opened in 2009, named “Clarita da Marittima” expressing the feeling of the owner of “To be a dazzling place that shines brightly”...more read

FUJISAWA clarita da marittima

Loasi, the word oasis in Italian for the name of this restaurant. Correspond to its name, here you can have a cozy space, while enjoying exquisite...more read


As a restaurant built on the beach, many guests come here, not only the locals but also from outside of the prefecture, it’s an Italian restaurant...more read




You can enjoy fresh sashimi purchased directly from the market. The portion of each meal is surprisingly big! If you want to enjoy fresh seafood...more read

CHIGASAKI Ichiridzuka
Isobe's Fresh Seafood Restaurant

At Shonan · Chigasaki, sashimi, seafood bowls, set meals, delicious dishes using fresh fish are popular locally. There are many popular menus...more read

CHIGASAKI Isobe's Fresh Seafood Restaurant
Whitebait Simply Scalded and Local Fish Kattobi Main Store

Kattobi, a restaurant managed directly by Kitamura Fisheries, a famous fisherman’s union in Chigasaki, which has three restaurants in the prefecture...more read

CHIGASAKI Whitebait Simply Scalded and Local Fish Kattobi Main Store
Local Fish Food Amimoto Ryori Manzoumaru

A Japanese restaurant with “raw whitebait caught at the morning” as its famous product, located along the prefectural road right after get off from...more read

CHIGASAKI Local Fish Food Amimoto Ryori Manzoumaru
Amimoto Ryori Asamaru Main Store

At Asamaru main store, where a curtain with “網元料理 (Amimoto Ryori)” written on it hung at the entrance, you can have seafood from Shonan...more read

CHIGASAKI Amimoto Ryori Asamaru Main Store



Throughout the four seasons, the restauran purchase fishes and shellfishes every day from Sagami Bay, a region full of seafood, offering fresh...more read


A restaurant famous with its whitebait (shirasu) dish located near Hiratsuka New Port. From the middle of March to the December, the shirasu’s...more read

Hiratsuka Gyoko no Shokudo

Hiratsuka Gyoko no Shokudo (Hiratsuka Fishing Port Restaurant), a restaurant with a stylish space, dining table in a solid and high ceiling room,...more read

HIRATSUKA Hiratsuka Gyoko no Shokudo


Meshiya Oisoko

Famous for having a waiting list, it is a cozy restaurant opened in Oiso fishing port in 2010 and operated directly by fishery cooperative. There are...more read

NINOMIYA・OISO Meshiya Oisoko


Uokuni Seafood Side street

Seafood bowls and seafood dishes using fish selected by well-established fishmakers are popularhere in Kanagawa. Every morning, “Freshly captured...more read

ODAWARA Uokuni Seafood Side street
Seifuuro Restaurant

Founded in Odawara Miyakoji, this is a shop where you can enjoy the taste of a long-established store that has continued since its 2nd year...more read

ODAWARA Seifuuro Restaurant
Sakana Ichiba Shokudo

Here at fish market cafeteria, seasonal fish can be eaten at reasonable prices, which is loved by market people, workers nearby, and also tourists....more read

ODAWARA Sakana Ichiba Shokudo
Warabe Saigyodou

Here in “Warabe Saigyodou”, located 30 seconds on foot from the Odawara fishing port, you can enjoy great taste of nature, with the menu for the...more read

ODAWARA Warabe Saigyodou
Minato no Gohan-ya San

Because it is open from early in the morning, it is conveniently visited by fishing port related workers and local fishermen, and it is a restaurant...more read

ODAWARA Minato no Gohan-ya San
Ryoushi Meshi Shokudou

Here at the Ryoushi Meshi Shokudou restaurant, the food served here use fishes caught at Hayakawa fishing port prepared and cooked in accordance...more read

ODAWARA Ryoushi Meshi Shokudou
Minato no Daidokoro Nami

Minato no Daidokoro Nami restaurant located close by the Ogawara fish market had been introduced several times in television and magazines...more read

ODAWARA Minato no Daidokoro Nami
さSakana no Shokudou Kojima

Sakana no Shokudou Kojima restaurant boasting good freshness and inexpensiveness of its most popular menu, the deep fried Japanese horse mackerel...more read

ODAWARA Sakana no Shokudou Kojima


Shirako Restaurant

This is a shop where you can fully enjoy fresh seafood purchased directly from the fishing port directly from the production area and vegetables...more read

YUGAWARA・MANAZURU Shirako Restaurant

A restaurant managed by Manazuru town, where you can eat fresh fishes that just caught on that day. Because the downstair floor of it is a market...more read

Fukuura Fishing Port Minato Shokudo

You can eat fresh seafood dishes at reasonable prices at the fishery cooperative association directly operated fishing port. A 10-minute...more read

YUGAWARA・MANAZURU Fukuura Fishing Port Minato Shokudo

n the middle of the seaside located on the hill of the Manazuru Peninsula, it is the best place to see the Sagami Bay and Suruga Bay. While watching...more read