Shonan Marina

Shonan Marina

Hotels and restaurants are adjoined, and the central road is open giving a rise in accessibility.

The Shonan Marina is located in the center of Sagami Bay and faces Sagami river’s estuary. With the opening of the central road, individuals can now avoid the highway line 134’s heavy traffic to access the ocean, hence allowing more individuals to visit from Chiba and Ibaraki. For facilities used as tenants, there are adjoined hotels and restaurants.
There are plenty of services for beginners and the general public, such as boat license class, rental boat, and marine leisure experience with staff on board. In addition, a feature of this marina is that aquatic motorbikes can be borrowed.

Shonan Marina Shonan Marina

■ Enjoying the Center of Sagami Bay
The Shonan Marina is holds land in Sagami river estuary which is very close to Sagami Bay. Compared to a marina in the ocean, there is the advantage of receiving less damage from sea salt.
■ A Good Service
Obtained the “Omotenashi (Hospitality) Standard Certification” authorized by The Ministry of Economy. Beginners can play and have fun with a peace of mind.
■ Rental Boats
Yamaha Marin Club “Seastyle” rental boat service
■ Hotel Sunlife Garden
The facilities used as a tenant in the marina have hotels and restaurants attached.

Shonan Marina
Shonan Marina
Opening Hours 9:00~17:00, Can depart the port earlier if wanted (From April to September the marina will open from 6:00, from October to March, it will be open from 7:00)
Regular Holidays Tuesday (Please look at marina’s website for more information regarding the dates).
Storage Space for Boats Approx. 40 Boats (Stored on Land)
Main Facilities Upper and Lower Slope, Refueling Facility, Water Supply Facility, Factories for Repairing, Restaurants / Adjoined Hotels, and others
Rental Boat Yes(Membership Based)
Chartered Boats Yes(Please contact us to know more information.)
Access Train: Take the JR Tokaido Line to Hiratsuka Station. Then, take a taxi and it should be 5 minutes.
Car: From Shin Shonan Bypass Chigasaki Nishi interchange it is approximately 10 minutes.
Address 〒254-0025 1F 11 Enokicho, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa
Tel 0463-23-8882