Kotsubo Marina

Kotsubo Marina

A marina that has a homely and local feel.

Kotsubo Marina is located near Sagami Bay’s east side and is at the tip of Miura Peninsula’s west coast. To the west is the back of Enoshima in which Mount Fuji’s magnificent landscape can be enjoyed. Although the space of accommodation of boats are currently at 10 with a compact facility, the marina itself is familiarized by the locals. The local children organizations have collaborated in order to host a cruising experience for parents and children and this marina has been loved locally for a long time.

Kotsubo Marina Kotsubo Marina

■ Enjoy Sagami Bay as a Whole
Established in the following year of the previous Tokyo Olympics, 1965. Located in a fine location close to Sagami Bay’s cruising and fishing spot.
■ A Presence Close to the Area
Developing an operation rooting from Zushi and Kotsubo. The small-sized marina gives off a unique, homely atmosphere.
■ Yamaha Marina Club “Seastyle”
We lease out 3 boats of approximately 20 ft to those with membership. These boats are stored inside in the perfect condition.
■ Nagisa Marina
Near Kotsubo Marina is Tagoegawa River mouth where our sister facility, Nagisa Marina is located.

Kotsubo Marina
Kotsubo Marina
Opening Hours 9:00~17:00
Regular Holidays Tuesday (When it is a holiday, then the next day will be off. July’s Ocean Day to August 31st will be open.)
Storage Space for Boats Approx. 10 Boats (Stored on Land), Approx. 110 Boats at Nagisa Marina (Stored on Land)
Main Facilities Upper and Lower Rack Slope, Water Supplying Facility, Factories for Repairing
Rental Boat Yes(Membership Based)
Access Train: Take JR Yokosuka Line to Kamakura Station and it is approximately 20 minutes by taxi.
Car: Take the Yokohama Yokosuka Road to Asahina interchange or Zushi interchange and it is approximately 20 minutes.
Address 〒249-0008 4-27-12 Kotsubo Zushi, Kanagawa
Tel 0467-23-1516
Website www.kotubomarina.co.jp
Facebook facebook.com/kotubomarina/