Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine)

Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine)

A harbor exclusive for yachts surrounded in greenery and scenic Aburatsubo Bay.

Aburatsubo Bay was selected as one of the 50 scenic places in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Bay is a very scenic inlet and even during the typhoon, the wind and waves are not affected, hence making it the perfect spot for yachting. Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor is in the back of Aburatsubo Bay and is a marina exclusive for yacht storage. At Sagami Bay there are multiple yacht races and many yacht lovers give high appraisal. The restaurant is open on Saturdays and Sundays and is very popular as local fish are served in dishes. Currently, we are welcoming new members to form contracts for boat storage. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine) Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine)

■ An Excellent Environment Approved by Sailors
Aburatsubo Bay takes pride in the great scenery and best environment for yachts. This is a space that will make you forget about the bustle of the city.
■ Clubhouse
The Aburatsubo Bay encircled in greenery and the clubhouse with showers and restaurants welcomes you.
■ How to Maintain the Yacht
The harbor keeps all boats stored on land and big fans of yacht races gives excellent ratings on our maintenance.
■ Methods of Support
The upper and lower racks of the yacht are equipped with a 20-ton crane. In addition, we also have a support system prepared for maintenance.
■ Restaurant
The restaurant is only in service on Saturdays and Sundays (with the January and February off). You can enjoy the fish caught locally here.

Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine) Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine)
Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine)
Opening Hours 8:30~17:00
Regular Holidays Wednesdays and the Tuesdays of the 1st and 3rd week (This will not apply for August.)
Storage Space for Boats Approx. 140 Boats (Stored on Land)
Main Facilities Upper and Lower Rack (20-ton Crane), Refueling Facility (Diesel), Water Supply & Electricity Supply Facility, Clubhouse, Conference Rooms, Shower, Restaurants, and others
Access Car: Take the Yokohama Yokosuka Road and Miura Jyukan Road, then leave the Hayashi exit and it is approximately 20 minutes from there.
Address 〒238-0225 1003-6 Koajiro Misakimachi Miura, Kanagawa
Tel 046-882-6081
E-mail aburatsuboYH@misakimarine.com
Website www.misakimarine.com