Sunny Side Marina Uraga

Sunny Side Marina Uraga

Beginners can feel at ease, with many services offered to fulfill your time at the ocean.

Sunny Side Marina Uraga is a land-based marina located Yokosuka and Uraga which is the east side of Miura Peninsula and is registered as “Uraga Ocean Station”. It is located accessibly from both Tokyo and Sagami bay, with many marine sports fans making use of the space to cruise, boat fish. In addition, there are classes to acquire a boating license as well as a rental boat service for those with a membership. Furthermore, for those who do not own a membership, there is an event that outlines ways to enjoy the boat and/or ocean called “Marina Open House Day”. We offer many services at the convenience of customers who are beginners and/or do not own a license.

Sunny Side Marina Uraga Sunny Side Marina Uraga

■ An Outstanding Location
Located on the side of Tokyo Bay facing Uraga Port, fisheries prominent to the metropolitan area can be easily accessed. This is a marina popular to those who are big fans of fishing.
■ Fulfilling Services
From storage of boats and yachts to boating licenses and rental boats, we fully support the marine lifestyle.
■ Yamaha Marine Club & Sea Style
We offer 11 boats of 19 to 27 ft for membership rental boats. Enjoy the two oceans, Tokyo and Sagami bay.
■ Bakery Café “Wanko Pan”
On the second floor of the clubhouse, there is a bread shop that sells home-made bread made of natural yeast. Fats and oils are not used, making the bread both healthy and delicious.

Sunny Side Marina Uraga
Sunny Side Marina Uraga
Opening Hours 8:00~18:00 (July to August) 8:30~17:30 (Other Months)
Regular Holidays Tuesday (3rd Week of July to 8/31 is open. Please look at the website of other marinas for more details.)
Storage Space for Boats Approx. 100 Marine Boats (Stored on Land)
Main Facilities Upper and Lower Rack (25-ton Marine Rafter), Refueling Facility, Water Supplying Facility, Factories for Repairing, Clubhouse, Bakery Café, and others
Rental Boat Yes(Membership Based)
Access Train: Take the Keikyu Line to Uraga Station and it is 17 minutes by foot.
Car: Take the Yokohama Yokosuka Road to Uraga Interchange and it is 5 minutes from there.
Address 〒239-0821 2-22-2 Higashiuraga Yokosuka, Kanagawa
Tel 046-843-4123